With over 15 years of experience in a wide area of sectors, ranging from food and manufacturing industry, media, logistics to banking and financial services, in corporates, scale-ups and startups.

+10.000 hours of learning

Backed up by more than 10.000 hours of learning professionally as well as personally. Up-to-date on latest digital transformation developments. 

recommended by leaders

Recommended on LinkedIn by industry leaders and experts in different sectors.

My secret

Because of my education and extensive experience and the fact that I have worked in multiple sectors, I am able to get up to speed in your specific organization fast. This means I am able to start realising results on short notice, adding value almost from the start. As business (operations) manager leading teams, transforming and improving the organization at the same time is what drives me.

My passion is improving organizations, especially organizations dealing with a digital transformation. I have worked multiple years as a bridge between the business and technology, which pays off in my current roles. Professionalizing organizations in operations management, innovation and preparing them for the future is what makes me tick.

Personally, I receive the feedback that I am driven, curious, result oriented, entreprenerial and eager to learn. I am driven to make a sustainable difference, from strategic to operational level. 

For more details on my background, I would like to refer you to my LinkedIn page: https://linkedin.com/annekeveldink

translating strategy into results

By translating your strategy into concrete goals actual results are archieved

in connection

With respect and in connection transforming together


Through energy the organization is plugged into the transformation

excellent sustainable results

Business results that are long lasting and sustainable